How to Get Glass Skin Makeup Look

Get the glass skin makeup look you've always wanted with this easy guide from #1 Sydney Bridal Makeup artist.
How to Get Glass Skin Makeup Look

The Glass Skin Trend And How It Became A New Obsession

The glass skin makeup trend is one of the hottest trends. Makeup trends come and go, but glass skin doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. It’s an obsession, and it will not go away soon. Today, we – Sydney Bridal Makeup Artist Heera Hair and Makeup – will share an easy guide to achieving the glass skin makeup look you’ve always desired.

The glass skin makeup trend started in Korea. The Korean beauty industry has been developing for years, but in 2017, they took it to a whole new level with the glass skin look and makeup trends.

Some say that people are obsessed with the glass skin makeup look because of how it makes the person look like they are glowing from within – which is something that we all want naturally. Others say that people are drawn to this type of makeup because it makes them feel more confident and beautiful. Glass skin isn’t for everybody, but it’s definitely a look that will be around for quite some time.

The Latest Trends In Light Makeup For The Glass Skin Obsession

The latest trends in light makeup for the glass skin obsession is a new way of looking at makeup. Glass skin is a term used to describe the look of healthy, glowing skin that doesn’t have any imperfections. The glass skin obsession and the trend of light makeup have been around for years. You don’t need to wear heavy foundations or use a lot of bronzers to achieve this look. In fact, it’s all about wearing lighter shades and using a highlighter on your cheekbones, brow bones, and nose bridge. The glass skin makeup effect makes you look radiant without looking shimmery or textured.

Best Products To Achieve The Glass Skin Trend

People would use products like BB cream to get a glass-skin look in the past. But now, there are so many more products that can help you achieve this look. Glass skin is when your complexion appears like porcelain or glass, giving off a flawless appearance. Getting your skin perfect can take a while, so there are makeup products specifically to fake the look you desire. Below is the makeup product list that can deliver you the dewy, glowing, gorgeous, poreless skin look:

#1 Make use of hydrating serum: to ensure your skin is hydrated and helps stop makeup from clinging to any dry patches. Serum can also help shrink enlarged pores, balances oil production, boosts radiance, and reduces the appearance of blemishes and discoloration.

#2 Make use of facial oil: Facial oil helps create glass skin with barely any effort, and it also goes deep to repair skin and reduce fine lines. Use facial oil to keep your skin nourished and encourage smoother makeup application. 

#4 Make use of moisturizer: to keep your skin moisturized and encourage the final glossy effect.

#5 Don’t forget to wear SPF: to keep your skin protected.

Your skin is your foundation; it is what people see first. Having a good foundation (or skincare routine) is key to having a good makeup application and overall look. If you love this article and want to learn more about how we can help you achieve a glass skin makeup look, contact Heera Hair and Makeup today!