4 Makeup Tips To Achieve The Perfect Reception Look

From choosing the right foundation to mastering the perfect smoky eye, here are five makeup tips to help you achieve the perfect reception look.
4 Makeup Tips To Achieve The Perfect Reception Look

When planning a reception, it is crucial to consider the weather. A beautiful ceremony can be ruined by rain or hot weather, so plan accordingly. Here are a few key makeup tips to follow to achieve the perfect reception look

A classic look with a smoky eye

A classic look that will never be out-of-style is a smoky eye with a matte lip, this would be perfect as this makeup reception look is more subdued than the one you would wear at your wedding, and it will not stand out much.

Here’s how to do it:

The first step is applying primer to your eyelids and lips. Then, use a light brown or black eye shadow to create a basic smoky look. Use a slightly darker shade than your base colour for the lid and slightly lighter on the crease.

Sweep over your lids and along your lower lash line with a small brush to create depth. To finish, apply a light dusting of bronzer on the cheeks and nose for an added boost of warmth. 

How to Prepare Your Skin Before Applying Your Base and Concealer

You should prepare your skin before putting on your base and concealer to get the best results. You can do this by using a primer to help your makeup stay on all day long.

You can also use a moisturizer to ensure that your skin is hydrated before applying any makeup. This will help prevent dry patches from forming and keep your makeup looking fresh for longer.

What are the Best Eyeliner Products for Different Eye Shapes?

Eyeliner is one of the most important makeup products you should own, and it can make your eyes look bigger and prettier. You will need to know what type of eye shape you have to find the best eyeliner for your eyes.


For small eyes: You want a pencil or liquid liner that is thin and precise, so it doesn’t overwhelm or extend past the natural crease of your lid.

For wide eyes: You should use a liquid liner or gel liner on top of an eyelid primer, as these formulas will help you achieve more intense

Achieve A Healthy Glow With A Little Bit Of Colour On The Cheeks

The colour on your cheeks can do so much more than make you look healthy, it will also help you appear confident and give you a youthful appearance. This section will share the best blush colours for different skin tones and how to apply them for the best effect that makes you look more radiant and give you a fresh appearance.

  1. Apply blush on your cheekbones
  2. Use the colour that matches your skin tone. If you have fair skin, use light colours such as peach or light pink. For dark skin, use dark colours like brown, maroon or plum.
  3. Apply it in an upward motion from the apples of your cheeks to the hairline on your forehead
  4. Blend it up and across with a brush or fingers in a circular motion

With these simple tips, you’re ready for a wedding reception! 

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